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The Radiant Woman Immersion

Unearth your feminine genius to create a thriving business and life!


10 month mentorship program for women entrepreneurs and professionals who want to plug into their pleasure and power to created greater impact and joy in their work.

You are a woman with a strong vision for service in the world. You crave an outlet for your genius, you know you can make Big Impact..



As women we must include our creativity, emotions and intuition in our work. When you are able to show up fully embodied and enlivened, you will attract your ideal clients and your business will flourish.​​

This is why I created The Radiant Woman Immersion! I have uncovered some keys that I want to share with you so you can run your business with your feminine genius at the heart of it!​ 

The Radiant Woman Immersion is for you if...
You want to leave the business model of high stress and overwhelm in the past
You believe in yourself & what you have to offer and want to feel confident 
You want to cultivate a deep relationship with your feminine and lead with full integrity
You are ready to free yourself from body image shame and reconnect with your inner source of power as you increase your visibility in the world
You know that having a healthy vibrant body is necessary to be the leader you are and you want to learn the secrets to exquisite self care
You are ready to experience lasting and sustainable success so you can enjoy a thriving business for years to come

Radiant= to shine or glow brightly. The source from which light and heat radiate from, sending it out to the world. Impacting the environment around you. Happy, ecstatic 






Local and Global community

Positive safe supportive container for your exploration and growth


Overwhelmed and stress

"Something" is missing

You know you are capable of creating an extraordinary life but there's a gap between where you are now and where you want to be

You feel deeply and want to serve from that place

Fear of speaking your full truth- unleash your truth / voice

Not reaching the clients you want

Not generating the revenue you need for your fullest life

Your feeling stagnant in your work

Working from home and feeling flat, lonely or isolated

Want to advance in your career but feel tired, not more push left to move towards your goals



Speak and lead with confidence.

What are you values and how to you and your team live into them fully

Global impact


Exquisite body care for optimal performance and joy

During our Ten Months together you will...
Create your Empowered Schedule. Are you doing the activities that are serving you and your business? Do you feel accomplished and energy rich at the end of the day? Do you see your family, lover or friends as much as you want? Having space in your schedule for the activities that fuel you will boost your productivity and joy in your work. 
Get nutrition and lifestyle support so your body is healthy and vital. Our body is the foundation from which everything is created and she deserves your exquisite care.​​​​
Access your full emotional expression. Let's take a journey into the emotional landscape of your body and mind! We all know that as a business owner we are bound to experience excitement, fear, disappointment, stress, overwhelm and so much more. Having tools to express these emotions make you ready for anything that comes your way. 
Activate your sexual power. Let's talk about sex ladies! Yes, I said sex. What does that have to do with your business? We are incredible powerhouses of creativity. Yet, many of us feel cut off from our bodies, living mostly in our head. When we move through the world this way we are missing a vital part of who we are, a place of energy, pleasure and joy. When you tap into this part of yourself the world is your oyster! You are no longer holding back and your clients feel you in a more powerful way. 
Learn about the combination of masculine and feminine that lives within you and when to call on which part for the tasks at hand. Each are resources for you and when you learn how to switch between the two you will feel more ease, productivity and an increased ability to receive the clients and money you desire. 
Learn potent embodiment practices that eradicate shame and discomfort you may have in your body, allowing you to show up fully as the face of your business. This new comfort and confidence will support you in speaking and leading with your full authenticity.
while running their business with joy and now burning out!
to bring your genius to be fully seen, get the clients you desire and enjoy your work
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