Studio Classes

S Factor is a movement practice designed for you! A place where you can connect with your body...

the soft curves, the roundness, the strength, the emotion. The vast well of energy and emotions that lives within your body desires an outlet for play and expression. S Factor is the place for that!

Fluid Feminine Movement:

Do First Friday the S Way!

Let's make our First Fridays even more delightful by kicking off the evening with Fluid Feminine Movement! Slow down and enjoy the circular movements your feminine body loves! This 1 hour workout brings us down into our hips, deepening our breath and allows us to let go of the world outside. 

Come to the studio and get yourself relaxed and radiant for your night on the town. Maybe we'll want to grab some food together after class or you can head out to meet your meet friends or family. All levels!

Need to make up one of your series classes? Mark your calendar for the first Friday of the month!

Every First Friday, 4:00-5:00pm 

First Friday All Gender S Factor


Join us every First Friday for an all gender S Factor class!
S Factor has traditionally been taught as a women's only class. Although most of our S Factor class will remain women's classes, we wanted to open this sensual movement geared towards awakening our sexy and exploring the feminine to everyone. We heard from so many of you that you want to have this exploration regardless of your gender and we agree!


So let's have some sexy fun on First Friday 5:00-6:30. Learn the signature S Factor workout, a fun wall and floor routine and then dive into pole play.

Beginning Pole

Slow down and enjoy the circular movements our feminine body loves! You ever get that feeling like you are disconnected from your body's deep wisdom? That place in you that knows how to play and feel deeply, and can be the guiding force in your life? I know, I've felt that too! S Factor was created to invite us back into this wonderful place so we can connect with our feminine radiance!

This 6 week series will explore slow circular movements that deepen our feminine connection while also offering a great workout. Women report feeling more alive, free and expressive in their lives after their first few S Factor classes! Plus, they experience overall body strengthening and increased flexibility from these exercises designed for the feminine. We will learn a sexy routine, explore beginning pole play and build a fun community! No experience needed for this intro class. Invite a girlfriend and join the fun! 


Wednesdays 5:30-7:00

Level 2 Series
All of you gorgeous women who have completed Pole 1...congratulations! Let's continue playing with those pole tricks and start layering fun new pole play into our dances! We'll learn more of our hot routine and start combining it all together! Start picking your own music and playing more with clothing as we delve deeper into our self exploration of emotions and your bodies incredible wisdom.

Tuesdays 11:00-12:30

Advanced S

By invitation for advance S women. We will continue to delve deeper into your body's erotic nature and move unapologetically into free dance and moving meditation. 


Tuesdays 5:30-7:30

All Classes Held At Steel and Grace,

Santa Cruz's Premium Pole Studio! 

Join us in this luscious feminine studio and enjoy luxury! Let your body be delighted by the velvet and fur textures, fresh flowers, and most importantly the beautiful movement of your body! We can't wait to dance with you! 

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