Are You Ready For A Sexual Awakening?

I hear from so many women that sex is something we just don't talk about.
Well gorgeous, it's time to talk about it!

Do you know how you like to be touched

Which parts of your body bring you the most pleasure and delight?


Like many women, you were probably raised to wait for a partner to help you figure it out. Taught that they would unearth some great secret about your body so you’d feel and act like those women in the movies.


Has it been surprising and disappointing to learn that isn’t always the case?

Having a partner who helps you discover things about your body is a beautiful thing. However, taking your pleasure power back from the ”other” and fully owning your body is when the awakening happens!

To explore and discover your body’s magical landscape, for yourself and with yourself is the most powerful sexual journey a woman can take. I’d like to take you on that journey, into your 
Sexual Awakening! 
My Sexual Awakening led me to uncover and learn to love the vastness of who I am as a woman. The shy, the naughty, the fiery, the sweet and the nurturing. They all exist within my body and crave an outlet for expression. To be seen, received by another and loved fully in this vastness.
To know this about myself, love it and own it has been the most liberating journey. Not to mention the pleasure
I want this for you!
Uncover your vastness, learn to love yourself in your fullness and bring your beauty into your connections with others!
Join me for this 6 week exploration and uncover the missing pieces to your pleasure.
Up your sexual confidence! Increase your body’s delight! And become a sexually awakened woman!
During our 6 weeks together we will unearth your body's truth with fun and powerful teachings and home practices!

Module 1: Your Luscious Body

  • Week 1~ Deepening your connection with your body

       Topics taught: Breath, meditation, movement to open channels between                       sexual center and heart

  • Week 2~ Meet Your Glorious Pussy!

       Topics taught: Female anatomy and homework for self discovery

Module 2: Your Erotic Nature

  • Week 3~ What really turns you on?

       Topics taught: Top sexual experiences and fantasies 

  • Week 4~ What kind of touch do you like?

       Topics taught: Self touch exploration and erotic energies 

Module 3: Getting Everything You Want!

  • Week 5 ~ Self pleasure 

       Topics taught: What, how and when

  • Week 6 ~ How to ask for what you want 

       Topics taught: Loving communication and finding your yes and no            

If you have a partner, you will bring more pleasure and confidence to your shared time after this deep dive into your body.

If you don’t have a partner take this time to activate your sexual pleasure and bring delight to yourself.

If you’re calling in a partner this will make you magnetic!

2019 Ellice Apostolos