Workshops & Live Events

Live Events and Private Parties
Are you hosting a live event for women or a private party with your favorite gals?
Invite Ellice and bring something special to your group! Ellice offers S Factor, sensual movement, pole dance, strip tease and more. Need an MC, someone to get your room engaged and connected to their bodies? Or maybe you are hosting a special birthday or bachelorette party?
Ellice will customize the experience of your desires to create a unique, playful and empowering experieince for you and your women!

"When we're showing up to lead others we need access to every part of ourselves and an outlet to move through the sadness, the anger, the joy, the fear and the sexual feelings that inevitably arise, so that those feelings can be included instead of suppressed. We are so much more powerful and magnetic when we're turned on and tapped into our desire. That's why I come to class every week and why I invited Ellice to teach S Factor to the women entrepreneurs at my live events because I want to live in a world where women are tuned into the wisdom of their bodies." 

Meghan Neeley

CEO of Be Your Own Badass Boss

I have absolutely loved taking classes myself with Ellice!  She’s an amazing teacher who both gently invites you into sensual movement your body loves, and at the same time pushes your edges a wee bit too.  So when I wanted to bring sensual movement into my live events with my PleasureCEO clients…  I knew Ellice needed to be there!  And my clients LOVED her.  It really helped them to get out of their heads, down into their bodies, and realizing sensual movement is totally accessible for every woman.  At least when you have an amazing teacher like Ellice, of course.  So if you want to shake things up and get outside the box of traditional events, then I totally recommend you bring in Ellice!  It will definitely help your clients deepen their relationship with your content, for sure.


Christina Morassi

Founder of PleasureCEO

With grace, ease and a good dose of research, Ellice offered various rhythms and sounds that aroused deep, lovely, primal, gritty, sensual archetypes that had been forgotten, shamed and denied.  Ellice is masterful at teaching healthy and sacred practices of igniting our unique brand of sensuality.  I feel more freedom with this deeper understanding of my desires and defenses, and definitely grateful for the support to give my Erotic Creatures some airtime.

Leanne Aho Lempinen

2019 Ellice Apostolos