There is a centered, confident, radiant woman inside you. 

You will find her through​ THE MOVEMENT OF FEMININE™

"What I love about Ellice's S Factor class is that I'm not going there to "learn to be sexy". It's assumed that every woman there is already sexy, gorgeous, sensual, and whole. The class is a laboratory for feeling this about myself, and seeing it in all the other women around me. I feel beautiful, hot, sexy, and empowered every time I leave class - it's one of my new most favorite discoveries and makes me so grateful that I'm a woman."

~Talya, Santa Cruz

Studio Classes


On-going studio classes in Santa Cruz Ca. I look forward to gathering with you in the dim lights of the S Factor studio to soften into your curves and ignite your soul!



Join one of my on-line programs to up-level your S practice, bring the tools from the studio into your everyday life and experience powerful change in your business, health and relationships. 


Live Events

Gather with other women for a powerful deep dive into your erotic nature and feminine genius! Live events offer you an opportunity to take your S Factor journey to the next level in a safe, playful and transformative space. 



S Factor® is a sensual movement practice and a way of life.  This is a practice that heals our relationship with our erotic body. Through this work we turn on the brilliant feminine essence that exists in all of us. We celebrate it. We revel in it. And as we see it in ourselves and each other, we bring that light to every relationship we have.


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Santa Cruz classes held at Steel & Grace

2801 Mission Street Extension

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