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Ellice Apostolos

High Touch Mentorship for Women 


Empowering women to connect to their body's innate wisdom and pleasure, unlocking their radiance!


Are you ready to experience more pleasure, joy and authentic expression in your life? Create greater impact in your work and ease-fully generate the revenue you desire in your business? Then Ellice is your guide!

Ellice specializes in working with women entrepreneurs and professionals to build the life of their desires through her online programs. She empowers them to unearth their true power by guiding them into the wisdom of their bodies, teaching them how to unlock from "man-mode" to stop the overwhelm and burn out that is so common in professionals, so they can build a work life that is pleasurable, impactful and sustainable. 

As an ex corporate professional, Ellice knows first hand the burn out and challenges that can come from the typical model of success in a male dominated world. After high stress in her "successful" corporate environment she took the leap to start her own business with a deep desire to create a life that felt good to her while achieving professional success and making an impact in the world. She realized she MUST create a new pathway to sustainable success in order to experience pleasure and joy in every area of her life. This is how the Radiant Woman Immersion was born, so that she could share these essential practices with other women who desire to make an aligned impact through their work. 


Ellice combines her knowledge of the body's wisdom with her refined feminine business approach to guide women on the path of their greatest success and joy. With years of exploration she’s cultivated 4 fundamentals of feminine business: somatic healing, authentic expression, embodied leadership and erotic exploration. Ellice maintains these fundamentals at the core of her teachings. She guides women entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to apply universal business strategies with their activated feminine genius to transform their work life. 

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Pleasure is the  gateway to your power

Thrive with your community of women 


 "With Ellice's mentorship teachings and within this powerful community, I came alive! Areas that had been asleep my whole life woke up. Through the movement and mindset practices, I was guided to reprogram some of my patterns and belief systems. It guided me on a path to examining how I show up in the world, learning to tune in to my inner wisdom- trusting her knowing, giving her voice, and allowing her to be my guide. This alignment has allowed me to be a more solid leader, business owner, mentor, partner, friend and an overall more vibrant human" 


Ashland, Or

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